Villa N135


Vivienda unifamiliar de obra nueva de estilo contemporáneo con acabados naturales y grandes formatos.



Fecha de Entrega:

Septiembre 2022.

The construction project of this contemporary style detached house has been carried out by Construmax. The natural finishes and large formats have been carefully selected to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The open-plan layout and energy-efficient systems make this house a sustainable and eco-friendly construction.

From the initial design to the final execution, attention to detail and quality are evident in every corner of the house. State-of-the-art materials and construction techniques ensure long-term durability and good maintenance. The end result is a true architectural work of art, where comfort, quality and style combine in perfect harmony to create a modern and sophisticated home.

Construmax has demonstrated its expertise and excellence in construction by realising the client’s vision in this contemporary style single-family home. Natural finishes, large formats and energy-efficient systems are some of the highlights of this sustainable construction. The result is a unique and functional home that reflects the client’s vision and Construmax’s commitment to quality and style in every detail.

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